Find a Nitrogen Analyzer at Compressed Air Systems

If you need a nitrogen analyzer, turn to Compressed Air Systems. Because nitrogen leaks through rubber tire walls about 40 percent more slowly than air, it has become a popular method for keeping tires inflated.

In fact, using nitrogen in tires can extend their lives by reducing the chance of damage due to underinflation. To reap all of these benefits, however, you’ll need a nitrogen analyzer to check the purity of the gas in your tires.

At Compressed Air Systems, we offer nitrogen analyzers produced by the experts at Kaeser that can detect nitrogen from zero to 100 percent efficiency, with a margin of error of only .5 percent. Whether you’re confirming the purity of the nitrogen in your newly filled tires, or you’re examining tires that are being serviced, the lengthy lifespans of the sensor and battery are sure to be useful. The self-calibrating device even turns off automatically after a set span of time to conserve energy.

In addition to our nitrogen analyzer model, we can also offer you a wide range of other air compressor products and accessories, such as:

  • Air compressor tools
  • Vacuum and pressure gauges
  • Compressed air dryers
  • Air purification systems
  • And more

We even provide a variety of air compressor-related services, including air compressor repair, rental, and air audits. To purchase a nitrogen analyzer or any of our other products, contact Compressed Air Systems today. You can also browse our online catalog for more information.