Find an Oil Mist Eliminator at Compressed Air Systems

An oil mist eliminator may seem like a small component of a compressed air system, but it can prove to be one of the most important. Moisture and oil aerosols frequently find their way into compressed airlines and connected equipment, where they can contaminate the air supply and even ruin the equipment.

If you’re looking to address these issues before they can affect your system, consider purchasing an oil mist filter from Compressed Air Systems.

We are an authorized dealer of products built by Kaeser, one of the most trusted names in the compressed air industry. We offer their oil mist eliminators in several sizes and at a variety of flow rates, including:

  • 125 cfm
  • 250 cfm
  • 500 cfm
  • 1100 cfm
  • 1500 cfm
  • 2100 cfm
  • 2400 cfm
  • 3000 cfm

If you’re not sure which oil mist eliminator to choose, you can always look to our knowledgeable sales associates for assistance. Simply tells us what your intended usage is, as well as some details on your current system, and we’ll point out the best solution for your needs.

If you’d like to purchase an oil mist eliminator, contact Compressed Air Systems today. Remember that we can also provide you with a wide assortment of other air compressor-related products, such as refrigerated air dryers, vacuum and pressure gauges, and air purification systems. You can view details on all of our available products by browsing through our online catalog.