Oil Water Separator Options Available at Compressed Air Systems

An oil water separator is used to remove air compressor lubricants from water, making it an integral part to many businesses’ air compressor systems. In fact, with increasingly stringent environmental regulations and higher waste disposal costs, a separator might be just what your system needs.

At Compressed Air Systems, we offer several types of separators that are all designed to make disposing of waste oil as easy as possible for you.

One of the options we offer is the KCF oil water separator from Kaeser. This product involves a simple filter mechanism that can effectively separate mineral oil, synthetic oil, polyglycol, and other lubricants from your system’s condensate. The rest of the condensate can be disposed of down a normal sanitary drain, and when the filter is full of oil, you can simply send it to the landfill.

This line of separators has several useful features, including:

  • Lid removal knobs that can be opened without the need for tools
  • Multiple inlet connections that can channel condensate from various sources
  • Lifting handles that make it easier to remove the filters
  • Filter change indicators that show when to switch the filter out (available in the larger models only)

Contact Compressed Air Systems today if you’d like to find out more about our oil water separator selection. Also, please take a look at our online catalog for details on all the items in our inventory, from POGO systems to spray booths to vacuum and pressure gauges.