Quick Connect Fittings Make It Simple to Connect Transfer Lines

Installing quick connect fittings instead of threaded or flanged connections can allow you and your staff to quickly uncouple lines without the need for wrenches. This simplification can save you the time and effort that may be wasted making and breaking traditional connections, a difference that may seem minimal on the surface.

However, if your facility sees thousands of connections and disconnections over a year, the time you could save adds up quickly and translates into increased productivity. At Compressed Air Systems, we want to help your facility operate at peak efficiency, so we offer convenient solutions like quick connect fittings.

Our available quick connect fittings include:

  • Swivel fittings
  • One-way shutoff fittings
  • Sockets
  • And more

No matter what type of fitting you choose, it will function flawlessly and hold up in the face of normal wear and tear because we only sell reliable products from the best manufacturers in the business. Plus, we’ll always give you a competitive price on your purchase, because we want to give our customers the best value for their money.

Contact Compressed Air Systems today for more information on all of our quick connect fittings. You can also take a look at our online catalog, which details all of the other items we offer, including oilless air compressors, portable air compressor tanks, and spray booth equipment. Also, feel free to ask us about related services our experienced professionals can offer, such as air compressor repair and compressed air audits.