Quick Couplings Available from Compressed Air Systems

Quick couplings attach to a blast machine’s pusher line outlet to facilitate the connection between the line and a blast hose. Compressed Air Systems offers these products to make it easier to establish a connection, which saves you time and provides a positive seal.

We have two types of quick couplings that are manufactured by Clemco. The aluminum version is available in ½-inch to 1½-inch sizes, while the brass options include sizes from ¾ to 1½ inches. Both types are useful in pressure-blasting applications and can be attached by using screws of the proper size.

In addition to our quick couplings, we also offer other durable Clemco products for use with your blast machines, such as:

  • Blast hoses that come in Supa, two-braid, and four-ply options
  • Pressure cabinets that have various options rated for different voltages
  • Portable sandblasting machines, including blast pot systems with capacities of up to 20 cubic feet
  • Sandblast nozzles that are made of ceramic, tungsten carbide, or steel
  • Carbon monoxide monitors that are available with or without test gas
  • And more

At Compressed Air Systems, our inventory also includes other products that may be useful to you. Whether you need a diesel air compressor, air compressor piping, or a nitrogen generator, we can help you get the right equipment.

Contact us today to find out more about quick couplings and all of our other available products. You can also find more information by visiting our online catalog.