Rail Car Openers from Compressed Air Systems

Imagine opening and unloading a railcar without stooping and crawling, and without damaging the car by trying to force it open. This dream can become reality with rail car openers from Compressed Air Systems. Thanks to the innovative design of our P.O.G.O. line of rail car openers, unloading rail cars is efficient and easy.

Our rail car openers allow you to simply move your fingertip rather than crawling under the car. Plus, these machines are safe and don’t damage cars like other methods. Using a pneumatic design, our rail car openers smoothly yet strongly open the hopper gate without sudden movements that can damage or even destroy the car. Plus, our machines use only the amount of torque needed to open the gate, conserving energy and avoiding damages caused by too much force.

One of the main benefits to rail car openers from Compressed Air Systems is that they increase the efficiency of your business. Rather than spending time huffing and puffing, trying to open the hopper gate, simply push the controls of one of our P.O.G.O. rail car openers and move along. Not only does this save you time, but by reducing the amount of labor needed, it also saves you money. Further, by reducing damage to hopper gates and cars, rail car openers can save you money on costly repairs and replacements.

With styles and sizes to suit any need, call or e-mail Compressed Air Systems today for more information on the numerous benefits of our rail car openers.

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