Railcar Unloading with Compressed Air System’s POGO is Tops in the Industry

Before companies like Airmatic and The Arnold Company came out with industrial pneumatic railcar unloading systems of their own, Compressed Air Systems had already revolutionized rail gate openers with the POGO or Pneumatically Operated Gate Opener. The first of its kind, the POGO’s design is still unsurpassed by any other. This unique hopper door opener allows for almost hassle-free railcar unloading. Some of our in-house designers and technicians have more than 45 years of experience in compressed air machines and pneumatic technology, and this knowledge and expertise is carefully utilized by and immediately noticeable in all four of our POGO models.

The POGO line offers railyard workers options and benefits like:

  • Stationary or pivoting wheels
  • Electric and pneumatic models
  • Up to 11,000 lbs of torque
  • Wheels that can rotate 90 degrees
  • A steering control arm
  • And more

Our pneumatic machines make the once difficult chore of opening stubborn hopper doors a fast and virtually headache-free process, so workers can start railcar unloading tasks right away – saving time and money. When it comes to pneumatic, industrial railcar door openers, we are always a step ahead of the competition. Why go with a company like Airmatic or The Arnold Company, when you can go with the original and the leader in hopper door opening pneumatic technology – Compressed Air Systems?

Call or email us today and let us fit your rail yard operation with the right POGO model to make hopper door opening and railcar unloading a breeze.

P.O.G.O Hotline: 1-866-598-2531

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