Rotary Screw Compressor Oil from Compressed Air Systems

For first-rate rotary screw compressor oil, turn to Compressed Air Systems. Our CAS-DE compressor lubricant is one of the best formulas available on the market, with its 100-percent synthetic di-ester base and technologically advanced additives. Our lubricant is compatible in virtually all kinds of compressors and it can be used to top off the manufacturers’ compressor fluids.

Over millions of horsepower-hours, the high-viscosity formula has proven effective, with low volatility, high flash and auto-ignition points, and excellent oxidation stability. It also has superior dispersant, coolant, rust control properties, which can help reduce equipment downtime, lubricant consumption, and overall maintenance costs. Plus, because it is designed for 12,000+ hours of service, you can rest assured that the fluid will perform well for a long span of time. We are also proud that our compressor lubricant is non-hazardous and biodegradable.

In addition to our rotary screw compressor oil, Compressed Air Systems has a wide-ranging inventory that includes:

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