Silent Air Compressors for Hospitals, Laboratories, and Other Workplaces Where Noise is Not an Option

Silent air compressors have helped to bring the power and precision of compressed air to even the most delicate work environments. Hospitals, dental offices, medical and scientific laboratories, and other facilities that must maintain a precise atmosphere, including low-noise, rely on these advanced compressors to keep their operations running efficiently.

Compressed Air Systems has been selling and repairing air compressors of all kinds since 1963, and our knowledgeable staff can help you find the silent air compressor you need for your operations.

Most facilities in need of silent air compressors also need a specific level of air purity. We carry all of the accessories you need to ensure that your silent air compressor also produces air that meets the exacting requirements of your applications.

Our selection of air treatment products includes:

  • Air dryers
  • Air filters – particulate, coalescing, and deliquescent
  • Oil / water separators
  • Condensate management systems
  • Automatic drains
  • Noise-cancelling cabinets
  • And more

Companies from Tampa to Orlando and all across the country have come to rely on the outstanding service and exceptional selection from Compressed Air Systems. No matter how unique your compressor needs, we are here to help.

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