Transair Aluminum Piping for Clearwater, Tampa, Ocala, Orlando, and Across Florida

Transair aluminum piping from Legris offers a superior level of quality and efficiency for compressor systems of all kinds. Aluminum piping doesn’t succumb to corrosion, like steel and iron piping. Corrosion within the piping systems of compressors can lead to inconsistent pressure, less efficient machines, and costly maintenance fees. Moreover, corrosion causes debris in pipes, which leads to contaminated air output – a potentially hazardous situation in some compressed air applications. Transair aluminum piping is smooth bored, which resists corrosion and buildup. When you purchase Transair piping, you also get the exceptional ease of installation that comes with Legris’ push-to-connect fittings and other accessories designed to fit with Transair pipes seamlessly.

Compressed Air Systems offers aluminum piping and many other top brand compressed air parts and accessories, including:

  • Air hoses and reels
  • Air tanks
  • Air hammers and chisels
  • Air filters
  • Compressor regulators
  • Fittings and valves
  • And more

For more than 45 years, we have been the trusted supplier of compressed air components for operations of all sizes across Florida. From residential uses to large-scale industrial operations, we have the knowledge to provide accurate and affordable compressed air solutions for you. Whether you need to purchase a new or used compressed, rent one, or have your compressor serviced, we have you covered.

For more information on the benefits of Transair aluminum piping, call or email us today.