Compressed Air Treatment: What Is It, and Why Is It Important?

When speaking of air compressors, compressed air treatment is a method that dehumidifies and cleans air prior to its entering the air compressor. This process usually involves the use of an air dryer and air filter beyond the air filter found in an air compressor. An effective compressed air treatment system lowers the dew point of the air and takes out particles that may negatively impact the air compressor.

When investing in an air compressor and compressed air system, compressed air treatment is a smart choice for protecting your system. Not only does compressed air treatment allow your system to run more efficiently, but it also prolongs the life of the system by reducing rust and corrosion that can be caused by wet, dirty air. Because the air being used by the air compressor is clean, it can run faster and doesn’t contain particles that can corrode the machine over time. Further, air that has undergone compressed air treatment is dry, meaning it does not promote the growth of rust like wet or humid air does. Treating your air and your system can also make your compressor quieter.

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