Rotary Vane Compressor Options at Compressed Air Systems

For an excellent rotary vane compressor, turn to Compressed Air Systems.

We have provided our customers with outstanding compressors for decades, and we’ll be happy to help meet your operation’s needs.

If you aren’t sure whether a rotary vane compressor is the right choice for your facility’s compressed air setup, take a moment to consider the benefits it offers, such as:

  • Readily available parts - In case of repair or regular maintenance, it isn’t difficult to locate rotary vane compressor replacement parts. With rotary screw compressors, you might be forced to special-order them.
  • Durable materials - While rotary screw rotors are designed to improve their function with every usage, they are also made of nonporous steel that doesn’t retain oil. The rotors of the rotary vane products, however, are made of cast iron that will remain lubricated for the next startup.
  • Easy service - Servicing a rotary vane in the field is simple process because the blades can be replaced in a few hours. Rotary screw compressors, on the other hand, usually require factory maintenance, which can result in longer downtime and higher expenses.

If you’d like more information on the benefits of using a rotary vane compressor, contact Compressed Air Systems today. We can also explain the pros and cons of the other air compressors we sell, including rotary screw compressor options, diesel air compressor products, and oilless air compressors. You can also browse through our online catalog for details on all of our outstanding air compressor tools, fittings, and other items.