Packaged Water Chillers For Industrial Cooling Applications

Designed and manufactured with features that enhance process productivity and efficiency, MTA Packaged Water Chillers from Compressed Air Systems are used for a variety of applications. From cooling manufacturing equipment to a cold drink on hot day, there is a water chiller that will meet the requirements.

Typical industrial cooling applications include plastic molding and forming equipment, lasers, welders and food & beverage packaging machines.

Others that often benefit from water chillers are the medical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

These chillers use the mechanical vapor-compression refrigeration concept to extract heat from the process water circulating through the evaporator (lowering the water temperature) and to release that heat to the surrounding air at the condenser (raising the air temperature).

The compressor uses electrical energy to “pump” the heat from the cooler water to the warmer ambient air.

Packaged Water Chillers include a pump to circulate the chilled water in a continuous closed loop between the process equipment and the chiller, as well as all of the electronic controls needed to insure safe, reliable operation and to maintain the chilled water at the temperature required (generally between 40°F and 80°F).

The chiller’s closed circulating loop does not consume any water even at large flow rates.

Unlike “once-thru” cooling systems that take municipal water from the tap and dump it to the drain, or even cooling tower systems that require make-up water due to losses from evaporation.

If you are looking for a high-quality, efficient Water Chiller, Compressed Air Systems can help.

Our standard MTA industrial chillers are available from stock to meet most cooling projects and custom units are also available for special applications. Contact Compressed Air Systems today to learn more about our products.