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On The Use of Air Compressors with Food Grade Oil/Lubricants

Use of air compressors and pneumatic tools is widespread within the food processing industry. They are used in a variety of applications including controlling devices used in the processing operation (such as opening or closing a pneumatic valve on a reject device), handling the product and or packaging (ingredients handling and product transfers), or come into contact with a surface that contacts the product.


As such, operating air compressors in a food grade environment carries a high concern for contamination. When ambient air is compressed, the contaminants within the air become concentrated. Pollutants such as dirt, rust, pollen, water vapor are rampant in work environments.

Another primary source of contamination is the compressor itself and its oil, lubricants and hydrocarbons. In some cases it can be more appropriate to use a more expensive oil-free air compressor to alleviate this risk. However, if proper precautions are taken, an oil/lubricant type air compressor can be successfully purposed, reducing the cost of the system.


Saving Cost with Air Compressor Oils & Air Compressor Lubricants

Air compressors are mechanical devices that convert kinetic power from an engine (electric, diesel or gasoline) and store it as potential energy in a tank as compressed or pressurized air.


This compressed air can be tapped and used as kinetic energy as it is released on command in quick or sustained bursts. This source of energy is the heart of the systems transporting energy around modern machine shops.