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3 Things to Look for When Choosing a VMAC

While offering a range of unique benefits, rotary screw compressors also come with a steep price tag. Though larger systems may be cost-effective even with a rotary compressor, the cost of these high-tech instruments can be a serious hindrance when working with smaller systems such as vehicle mounted air compressors (VMACs), which are often housed in trucks.

Traditional reciprocating piston compressors and rotary screw compressors are both viable options for vehicle mounted applications. But these models have unique, distinct features, often making it difficult to choose between the two.

Below are three key considerations to keep in mind when selecting the best type of VMAC for your specific application.

1. Size and Weight of the VMAC

VMAC RaptairFuel cost is a key consideration when budgeting for VMACs, and a lighter compressor can offer significant cost saving advantages. In fact, a 200-lb reduction in weight can result in fuel cost savings of 4%. This also allows the application to be free of stringent DOT regulations.

Rotary screw compressors are clearly the best option in this regard, as they are lighter than piston compressors of the same rated capacity. Rotary screw models are time-tested, and can be expected to operate reliably for long periods of time. They also allow for consistent air delivery, which means receiver tanks are unnecessary in most applications.

2. Continuous Air Power

In any type of job, an interruption in supply will result in increased downtime and higher costs. Therefore, it’s essential that the compressor chosen can provide a continuous air supply, which will allow jobs to be completed at the fastest rate possible — thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and upping the number of projects that can be finished in a given time frame.

In this regard, rotary compressors are superior to traditional reciprocating piston compressors. For example, the RAPTAIR-G30 model offered by Compressed Air Systems provides continuous 30 cfm air flow, as well as a 100% duty-cycle rating. This translates to continuous operation and a continuous compressed air supply; the air tools can be employed continuously, and no time is wasted due to lack of compressed air availability.

3. Cost

Naturally, cost is a critical consideration when choosing one type of compressed air system over another. Cost is arguably the most important factor in any type of commercial project. However, it’s essential to maintain a balance between quality performance and cost investment.

For example, traditional rotary compressors, though reliable and time-tested, come at a very high price. As an alternative, the VMAC G30 is the most affordable gas driven rotary screw air compressor available. It offers the power and performance of a rotary screw air compressor, but at a more affordable cost,  close to the price point of a reciprocating air compressor.

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Compressed Air Systems has been an expert in compressed air technology since 1963, and we’re proud to offer our RAPTAIR-G30 gas-driven rotary compressor to clients across a range of different industries. This unique compressor is nearly half the size and weight of other compressors with similar ratings, and supplies reliable, uninterrupted air flow. RAPTAIR-G30 compressors come with a lifetime warranty.

To discuss whether the RAPTAIR-G30 is right for your unique application and learn more about air compressors for trucks, contact a product specialist today. Or, to further explore the features and benefits of both rotary screw air compressors and the RAPTAIR-G3, download our comprehensive VMAC guide.

Spotlight: VMAC Air Compressors

Compressed Air Systems has spent more than 50 years becoming a complete industrial solution, selling, servicing, and renting a wide array of pneumatic equipment and tools. Actively seeking out the most user-friendly, high-quality products to service customers, Compressed Air Systems continues to grow our relationships with the most trusted names in the market in the efforts of being the one-stop-shop for your needs.

Over the years, one piece of equipment that has stood out to us as an essential pneumatic tool is the Vehicle Mounted Air Compressor, or VMAC. Built in Canada by VMAC Air Compressors, these systems are designed to withstand harsh environments, and are easily and cleanly installed under the hood of your truck. VMAC air compressors possess all of the on-demand air capabilities of traditional portable compressors without the extra cost, time, or hassle.


Compressed Air Systems Sends the VMAC Raptair MF to Daytona Bike Week in Support of Women in the Military

Back in early April, Compressed Air Systems got an unusual call from WyoTech – the motorcycle mechanic’s technical school. They were interested in renting an air compressor for an upcoming project. WyoTech was providing equipment and marketing support for an all-female bike-building team to benefit the H.E.R. project. Created by Gina Woods, the 15-year radio talk show host of Open Road Radio, H.E.R is a way to recognize women veterans and raise funds for The National Women Veterans Association of America (NWVAA). H.E.R. stands for Honor, Encourage, and Respect.

Gina Woods of XX Chromes All Women Bike Build in Chicago is the consummate motorcycle pro.  The idea was for Gina and her crew to a build a military-themed bike in five days at Bruce Rossmeyer’s Harley Davidson during 2014 Bike Week. This motorcycle event and rally held annually in Daytona Beach, Florida is a terrific venue to raise awareness and money for a unique project like H.E.R. Each year, approximately 500,000 people make their way to the 10-day event.

MF-set-up-for-HER-project-w (more…)

Introducing the RAPTAIR-MF

At Compressed Air Systems, we’d like to introduce our latest innovation in air compressor technology, the RAPTAIR-MF. The RAPTAIR-MF is manufactured by VMAC (Vehicle Mounted Air Compressors).

It has an air compressor with a standalone multifunction diesel drive that features a total of six useful functions, some of which can operate simultaneously.


The multifunctional nature of this VMAC system means that you can streamline multiple systems saving weight and space, and time and money. In addition to these substantial benefits, the RAPTAIR-MF is also safer and more fuel efficient than gas-driven air compressors.

The RAPTAIR-MF is six different systems one compact, powerful unit. The built-in PTO port allows you to use your truck not only to support electric cranes, but also hydraulic ones.

The welder is capable of performing stick/TIG and MIG/flux core welding. In addition, the air compressor delivers 45 CFM at 100 psi with a max of 175 psi. The RAPTAIR-MF also contains a battery charger, battery booster and generator.  By streamlining these six systems into a single machine, users can maximize productivity and minimize costs.