Introducing the RAPTAIR-MF

At Compressed Air Systems, we’d like to introduce our latest innovation in air compressor technology, the RAPTAIR-MF. The RAPTAIR-MF is manufactured by VMAC (Vehicle Mounted Air Compressors).

It has an air compressor with a standalone multifunction diesel drive that features a total of six useful functions, some of which can operate simultaneously.


The multifunctional nature of this VMAC system means that you can streamline multiple systems saving weight and space, and time and money. In addition to these substantial benefits, the RAPTAIR-MF is also safer and more fuel efficient than gas-driven air compressors.

The RAPTAIR-MF is six different systems one compact, powerful unit. The built-in PTO port allows you to use your truck not only to support electric cranes, but also hydraulic ones.

The welder is capable of performing stick/TIG and MIG/flux core welding. In addition, the air compressor delivers 45 CFM at 100 psi with a max of 175 psi. The RAPTAIR-MF also contains a battery charger, battery booster and generator.  By streamlining these six systems into a single machine, users can maximize productivity and minimize costs.

This system promotes efficiency and productivity by allowing users to switch seamlessly between different, but commonplace, tasks.  The compressor and welder can also be used at the same time. This not only eliminates the need for users to maneuver equipment between applications, but also minimizes the safety risks involved with moving heavy machines. Furthermore, it only takes one person to operate the RAPTAIR-MF, whereas it may take additional workers to operate six separate systems. Combining these systems together into one machine saves time, improves safety, and reduces overhead.

The RAPTAIR-MF also helps to cut fuel costs. Compared to the weight of carrying six different systems on a truck, the RAPTAIR-MF is significantly lighter and smaller. It weighs less than 600 lbs with oil, and saves an average of about 600 lbs in weight. That translates to a potential fuel savings of about 12%, according to the EPA. For further fuel savings, the system also features automatic shutoff controls that will turn the machine off when it is not in use. These savings, in addition to reduced overhead and maintenance costs, can add up to a sizeable sum for your bottom line.

The RAPTAIR-MF is a multifunctional system that will save you time, money and effort on the job site. By integrating multiple features into one machine, it promotes efficiency and productivity. At the same time, it will also reduce clutter and weight in your transport vehicle, which means that you can enjoy additional cargo space and fuel savings. The RAPTAIR-MF is proven to be a reliable, effective and high-quality piece of equipment for anyone interested in establishing a service shop or truck.

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