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Spotlight: Water Chiller

Compressed Air Systems, Inc. (CAS) has worked for more than 50 years to become a Complete Industrial Solution for pneumatic systems and equipment. We have grown our team almost ten times in size over the decades and now occupy a 30,000-square-foot facility dedicated to air compressor system maintenance, rentals, and installations. We also have a satellite store centrally located in Orlando, Fl.

Through our combined experience in outstanding customer service and pneumatic equipment expertise, we have amassed many resources to help customers who are exploring the possibility of a compressed air system. We are pleased to share our new downloadable eBook, “Water Chiller Selection Guide,” to help simplify the selection process for manufacturers with cooling applications.


Get More Efficient Cooling with Water Chillers

Modern manufacturing processes push industrial machines to their limit — and beyond.  This can lead to overheating that can cause premature failure, increased maintenance and even potentially hazardous situations.