Get More Efficient Cooling with Water Chillers

Modern manufacturing processes push industrial machines to their limit — and beyond.  This can lead to overheating that can cause premature failure, increased maintenance and even potentially hazardous situations.

To help avoid these consequences more and more industrial professionals are turning to water chillers to meet their various cooling needs.  With capacities ranging from less than 1 Ton to over 400 Tons of refrigeration, and at chilled water supply temperatures from 40°F to 80°F, chillers can re-circulate large volumes of water without using a drop — improving performance and efficiency.

Water chiller applications extend into many industrial sectors, including:

  • — Plastics & Rubber
  • — Laser Processing
  • — Medical
  • — Food & Beverage
  • — Chemical & Pharmaceutical

Highly adaptable, standard packaged water chillers (with available accessories) can be applied to a wide variety of cooling applications – from plastic thermoforming and injection molding to chilling beer and distilling spirits, to name a few.

Solutions We Provide

At Compressed Air Systems we offer MTA Packaged Water Chillers that can help improve the efficiency of your industrial process.  Packaged complete with a circulating pump, storage tank and advanced controls, these high-quality products support both open and closed coolant circulation loop designs and offer many options and accessories to meet a wide range of applications.

Our product offerings include the following models:

  • — TAEevoM 05 & 10 – These very compact chillers provide capacities to 1 Ton with single phase (115 & 230V) power required.
  • — TAEevoTECH 015 thru 602 – Designed for the future, these models feature eco-friendly R-410a refrigerant.  Suitable for indoor or outdoor installation, fifteen standard models are available with capacities up to 50 Tons.
  • — TAEevoLaser 051 thru 351 – Specifically designed to cool industrial lasers, this special version includes a non-ferrous water circuit with high pressure pump and +/- 1°C outlet water temperature stability.
  • — HAEevo 031 thru 351 – These heat pump models can either cool or heat the circulating water for process applications with heating and cooling stages.

Find Your Ideal Product Today

Compressed Air Systems has supported industry professionals for over 50 years.  Let us use our experience to provide the ideal solution to meet your specific requirements.  Our complete line of standard MTA Packaged Chiller Products and accessories are in stock for immediate shipment.  We can also offer customized solutions when the needed.

Contact us today or visit our website to learn more about our water chiller products and how they can support all of your cooling applications.

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