Check Your Air Compressor Safety Relief Valves

Air compressors supply pressurized air for diverse applications. To prevent unsafe pressure levels within air compressors, their design includes air compressor safety relief valves, also known as air compressor pop-off valves and pressure safety valves. These valves will open to release built-up pressure once the compressor reaches its set pressure and close again when the compressor returns to normal levels. They play an important part in the safety and performance of this equipment. You should check them periodically to make sure they’re clean, undamaged, and functioning optimally to protect your system from costly equipment failure and your property and workforce from hazardous conditions.

Why Air Compressor Safety Relief Valve Testing Is Important

Properly caring for any high-powered equipment requires routine checks to support both operator safety and system reliability. Maintaining your air compressor safety relief valves safeguards against excessive pressure buildup in your compressor, which could otherwise be disastrous for your equipment or facility. In addition to ensuring that you’re using safe equipment and components, maintaining and inspecting safety relief valves and pressure levels assists with keeping your equipment compliant with any industry regulations or safety standard requirements.

Benefits of Regular Air Compressor Safety Relief Valve Maintenance

Performing regular valve checks is an essential step toward preventing equipment failure and promoting workplace safety. By detecting defective or damaged components before they fail, you can take proactive measures to repair or replace them before they cause any major disruptions to your business. Air compressor breakdowns can lead to expensive operational problems for a manufacturing facility, including costly unscheduled downtime, replacement parts, and labor fees.

Enhanced safety is not the only benefit of properly maintaining and testing air compressor safety relief valves; this also improves the performance and dependability of the valves themselves and your air compressor. You optimize both functionality and the life cycle of your equipment by properly caring for its components. This has the side benefit of boosting productivity in your operation, as well.

How to Check Your Safety Relief Valves

To effectively check a safety relief valve, begin by pulling its ring when the system is at operating pressure. This will depressurize the air compressor system and help you ensure that no air is stuck in the valve. Next, turn the compressor off and build the system pressure back up to make sure that it’s not releasing early. If, during these checks, you find that a valve isn’t performing as it should or you see evidence of corrosion, it’s time to clean, repair, or replace it.

Maintenance Tips for Air Compressor Safety Relief Valves

Following a regular maintenance schedule is essential for the safety of your air compressor and optimizing its performance. The following are some maintenance tips to have your air compressor safety relief valves functioning at their best:

  • Perform regular cleanings and clear away any debris.
  • Schedule regular inspections, looking for general wear, blockages, or corrosion damage.
  • Handle valve repairs or part replacements promptly should your inspection uncover any issues.
  • Mark any equipment with faulty safety relief valves as inoperable until repairs are complete.
  • Schedule periodic calibration checks, making any necessary alterations to ensure proper pressure relief.
  • Document all cleanings, inspections, maintenance, and repairs not only to keep track of them but also to identify any recurring problems or maintenance patterns with your valves.
  • Refer to the operation manual for pressure limits, maintenance techniques, and optimal testing timeframes.

Audit Your Air Compressor Safety Relief Valves

Auditing your safety relief valves regularly is crucial for the safe and lasting operation of your air compressors. Following the recommended maintenance tips will help assure reliability in your valves and compressors, safeguarding against costly part damage and downtime.

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