Spotlight: VMAC Air Compressors

Compressed Air Systems has spent more than 50 years becoming a complete industrial solution, selling, servicing, and renting a wide array of pneumatic equipment and tools. Actively seeking out the most user-friendly, high-quality products to service customers, Compressed Air Systems continues to grow our relationships with the most trusted names in the market in the efforts of being the one-stop-shop for your needs.

Over the years, one piece of equipment that has stood out to us as an essential pneumatic tool is the Vehicle Mounted Air Compressor, or VMAC. Built in Canada by VMAC Air Compressors, these systems are designed to withstand harsh environments, and are easily and cleanly installed under the hood of your truck. VMAC air compressors possess all of the on-demand air capabilities of traditional portable compressors without the extra cost, time, or hassle.

VMAC_cover_image_FINAL.jpgPowered by the engine of your truck, VMAC underhood air compressors are efficient and powerful, capable of pumping air up to 175 PSI and 70-150 SCFM. Instead of dealing with the inconvenience of renting and transporting a full-sized portable air compressor every time you need one, this lightweight, underthehood rotary screw is in your truck wherever you go.

Using 25 years’ experience and innovative rotary screw technology, VMAC has developed the compact and exciting new RAPTAIR G30, which is the most affordable gas drive rotary screw compressor on the market. Available from Compressed Air Systems, the RAPTAIR G30 is unmatched in size and weight, provides continuous duty air power, and is backed by a lifetime warranty. The powerful 100% duty cycle rating and 30CFM airflow of the RAPTAIR G30 can fill a tractor trailer tire in just three minutes. This rotary screw compressor is an ideal alternative when compared with other reciprocating compressors, and is a true game changer in the compressor industry.

Built from high quality, light-weight aluminum components, the RAPTAIR G30 is almost half the weight of other alternatives and is known for long-life and low oil carry-over. With less overall footprint at 20.7″ (H) X 20.3″ (W) X 33.5″ (L), the G30 leaves more room for other essential tools and equipment, making it the optimal solution for truck mounting and use in the field. Click here or the button below to download the brochure!

Download the VMAC Brochure

In addition to this powerful portable model, Compressed Air Systems stocks a variety of compressors including Mobile air compressors, sandblasting equipment, industrial vacuum systems, and more. Our experienced staff can help you to select the right air compressor for your applications and needs.

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For more information about VMAC air compressors, please download our guide “Compressed Air Systems’ VMAC RAPTAIR-G30.”

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