Step by Step Instructions for Compressed Air Systems Installation

Compressed Air Systems, Inc. (CAS) has over 50 years of experience as a Complete Industrial Solution, selling, servicing, and renting air compressors and pneumatic equipment to customers across a wide range industries. Starting out with just five employees, we have grown over the decades to more than 45 team members working in a 30,000 square foot facility and a satellite office in Orlando.

Installation_Guide_Cover_ImageThroughout our many years working in the industry, CAS has compiled a wealth of first-hand experience with in-house service, installations, rentals, and more. To provide our customers with additional guidance, we have converted these insights into the “Compressed Air System Installation Guide,” a new step by step resource to help ensure that your system performs in the best way possible.

In this eBook, you will find a number of important considerations to make when selecting and installing a new compressed air system. Factors such as careful preparation and delivery inspection, suitability of the floor, access requirements, environmental factors, and proper ventilation are all vital parts of successful system installations.

Our new step by step guide also includes tips for enhancing operational efficiency long after you have installed your pneumatic system. Whether it’s installing optional water cooling, maintaining a safe and consistent power supply, ensuring air purity, or optimizing master controller efficiency, we can guide you through every decision that will prolong the lifetime and performance of your equipment.

Compressed Air Systems, Inc. is committed to helping every customer find the right pneumatic equipment solution for their application. We are proud to begin offering this guide as another means of lending industry expertise to new and experienced compressed system owners.

Have questions? We can help. To learn more about the steps to buying, installing, and maintaining a compressed air system, we invite you to download our new free eBook, “The Compressed Air Installation Guide.”

Download the Installation Guide

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