5 Benefits of Regularly Changing Compressed Air Filter Elements

Compressed air is critical to an extensive range of industrial and manufacturing processes, including fuel combustion applications, pneumatic tools, filtration systems, metalworking, chemical and petrochemical processing, injection molding, and many others. To ensure optimal air movement and prevent the risk of contamination by particulate matter, compressor systems are typically fitted with a filtration system. These systems require regular maintenance, and compressed air filter elements must be replaced periodically to keep the system operating safely and efficiently.

Why Should I Change My Compressed Air Filter Element?

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Compressed air filtration systems typically incorporate a coalescing filter, a dry particulate filter element, or a combination of both. Coalescing filters pull oil and water droplets from the air, while dry particulate filters trap particulate matter such as dust particles and microbes. Both methods require the use of a removable filter element, usually in the form of a cartridge. Due to the harsh conditions typical in an industrial compressed air filtration system, a filter element must be able to withstand:

  • Broad pressure fluctuations
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Varying air speeds
  • Corrosive chemicals
  • Extreme humidity variation

Over time, these conditions cause degradation of the filter element, damaging its ability to properly remove contaminants. To ensure optimum performance, filter media must be replaced regularly. 

Benefits of Regularly Changing Filter Elements

Every air filter element has a finite service life, and the manufacturer will typically recommend a specific time frame within which to change the filter to guarantee optimal air quality. Violation of your filter manufacturer’s recommendations can result in several problems, including:

  • Production inefficiency and damage to system components
  • Poor product quality
  • Increased downtime and operational overhead
  • Unhealthy work environment, which can result in employee injury, illness, absence, and legal claims
  • Consumer safety risks due to product and process contamination

While changing your compressed air filter elements may seem a minor concern, regularly replacing your filters offers numerous benefits, including:

Safer Equipment Operation

Regularly changing your filters ensures that equipment, personnel, and processes downstream from your filtration element are protected from unwanted contaminants. This will keep your employees from being exposed to unsafe conditions due to poor air quality, overheating equipment, or system malfunctions.

Reduced Operational Costs

When you change your filter elements regularly, you reduce your risk for system problems that can result in inefficiency, costly repairs, and downtime. Without appropriate filter maintenance, your compressor system has to work harder to provide adequate airflow. This causes excess wear on the compressor and high energy usage, which increases overall operational costs and decreases the service life of the compressor.

Increased Productivity and Profitability

Changing your filters regularly allows you to increase your facility’s productivity and profitability. With filtered, unobstructed airflow, your system will operate with a greater degree of efficiency.

Protection of Adsorption Dryer Beds

Using a fresh filter allows adsorption dryer beds in desiccant systems to operate with the highest degree of efficiency. With less oil and solid particulate matter in the compressed air flow over the beds, they can operate with a greater degree of effectiveness.

Peace of Mind

When you change the filter element on your compressed air system, you can rest assured that your system is operating with the highest degree of safety and efficiency. Your system will operate more smoothly, and your employees will enjoy a safer, cleaner work environment.

Quality Air Compressor Filter Elements by Compressed Air Systems

To ensure that your air compressor system is in optimal operating condition, it is critical that you perform regular filter element changes. At Compressed Air Systems, we have more than 40 years of experience helping customers find the right compressed air filter elements for use in nearly every industry. Our knowledgeable professionals are available to help you find the best air compressor filter for your system.

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