7 Applications of Compressed Air in Industrial Fleets

Compressed air—i.e., air contained at higher pressures than that of the surrounding environment—plays a critical role in a wide range of industrial applications, including fleet management. For fleet management, industrial vehicle managers, drivers, and technicians rely on compressed air to assist with vehicle maintenance and other essential tasks. Additionally, the vehicles themselves require compressed air to serve as power systems for a wealth of important functions.

Seven Common Applications of Compressed Air in Industrial Fleets

Compressed air finds use in several fleet maintenance applications. Seven of the most common applications are:

1. Under-hood Engine-mounted Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Optimizing space utilization within a fleet is essential to achieving maximum efficiency and convenience. Under-hood engine-mounted rotary screw air compressors allow industry professionals to mount the equipment beneath the hood, allowing them to save hitch or deck space for other machines and materials.

2. Generators

Many fleet managers use compressed air to help generate power for maintenance operations. Both stationary and diesel-driven tow-behind units function excellently as portable generators.

3. Multi-function Compressors

Compressors are available in several variations, including compressor/generator power systems, compressor/generator/welder systems, and compressor/hydraulic systems. Multi-function compressors offer fleet staff 6-in-1 power systems that include:

  • Air compressors
  • Generators
  • Welders
  • Battery boosters and chargers
  • Power take-offs (PTOs)
  • Cold climate kits

Systems like these serve several purposes within an industrial fleet, such as cutting down on vehicle weight, maximizing storage space, streamlining air compression operations, and reducing fuel costs.

4. Under-deck Compressors

Under-deck compressed air systems rely on two sources to generate power: the vehicle’s engine and a single power take-off opening. They can produce up to 1,000 cubic feet per minute of air power and provide hydraulic and/or AC power. As they are mounted beneath the industrial vehicle, when employed, they are more aesthetically pleasing than other compressor models.

5. Hydraulic Pump Combos

For facilities that work with hydraulic crane trucks, hydraulic pump combos can benefit their operations. A majority of crane trucks need specialized air compression systems that remain separate from the truck engine to maximize field results. Virtually any diesel truck’s fuel system can be altered via the integration of a self-contained hydraulic pump.

6. Welders

Compressed air systems facilitate high-frequency DC welding up to 300 AMP. In addition to allowing for portable, on-site welding, such systems also feature auto-speed controls with CV MIG capabilities.

7. Battery Boosters

Battery boosters are devices used to jump-start vehicles with discharged or dead batteries. When industrial vehicles are dispatched for critical applications, they are crucial to the success of the project as they minimize the risk of long-term, unplanned shutdown. When choosing a booster, there are several factors to consider for optimal effectiveness in the intended application, including its:

  • Total power output
  • Battery shelf life
  • Amount of electricity output on a single charge

Fleet and Maintenance Air Compressor Solutions From Compressed Air Systems

At Compressed Air Systems, we’re proud to offer our customers a range of air compressor systems for industrial fleet and maintenance applications. We carry and distribute some of the industry’s top brands, including:

  • VMAC®
  • VanAir®
  • Compressed Air Systems
  • Kaeser MOBILAIR™ (portable compressors)
  • Champion

One of our most popular products is the VMAC Underhood™ compressor. As these compressors integrate seamlessly into the design of a truck and fit beneath the hood, they allow organizations to reduce costs and storage utilization compared to traditional portable air compressors. Our clients utilize them for powering:

  • Jackhammers
  • Snow wands
  • Air jacks
  • Lube systems
  • Pneumatic tools

Mobile Power Systems for Fleet and Portable SystemsDue to our over five decades of experience selling, servicing, and renting pneumatic tools and equipment, many companies turn to us for assistance with their fleet management needs. Our expert team has provided reliable fleet management services to many major companies, including Vactron, Cues, SpaceX, and Sarasota County.

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