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Avoid Costly Fees and Generate Your Own Nitrogen

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When purchasing a nitrogen generator, you have to ask yourself a few questions. Who will I purchase from and why?  What do I need? How much is it? Why should I generate my own Nitrogen vs. purchasing “Bottled or Bulk” Nitrogen from another party? Here at Compressed Air Systems, we make the answers to all […]

Challenges to Air Quality in the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Compressed air in the pharmaceutical industry is held to an especially high standard of quality.  Considered an important utility, it has numerous applications in environments where cleanliness is a critical factor in product quality and performance. While some aspects of the industry are more sensitive to contamination than others, the main challenges to air quality […]

Introducing the RAPTAIR-MF

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At Compressed Air Systems, we’d like to introduce our latest innovation in air compressor technology, the RAPTAIR-MF. The RAPTAIR-MF is manufactured by VMAC (Vehicle Mounted Air Compressors). It has an air compressor with a standalone multifunction diesel drive that features a total of six useful functions, some of which can operate simultaneously. The multifunctional nature […]

Saving Cost with Air Compressor Oils & Air Compressor Lubricants

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Air compressors are mechanical devices that convert kinetic power from an engine (electric, diesel or gasoline) and store it as potential energy in a tank as compressed or pressurized air. This compressed air can be tapped and used as kinetic energy as it is released on command in quick or sustained bursts. This source of […]

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