This One Thing Could Cost Your Air Compressor Thousands

Air compressors serve as essential components in a wide range of industrial and manufacturing applications. Regular compressed air maintenance is crucial for ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. Neglecting to perform regular air compressor services increases the risk of performance issues, which can result in extra expenditures as well as increased downtime. Air leakage, in particular, is one of the most costly compressed air system problems.

Intentional and Unintentional Leaks

No matter how big or small, air compressor leaks can be very bad for business. Below are some of the most common signs of unintentional air leakage.

  • Wear and tear is common in any type of air compressor. Over time, valves on your air compressor may loosen, allowing for air leakage. Checking the valves occasionally may help in preventing unintentional air seepage.
  • Air compressor systems rely on strong, sealed piping to release air with the right amount of pressure. Having holes in the piping or tubing of your unit can lead to multiple air compressor issues.
  • If the drain trap that funnels condensed water from your air compressor is faulty or open, air compressor leaks and water leakage can occur. These issues can also lead to more serious damage over time.

Air compressor leaks are sometimes intentional, brought about to assist in equipment cleaning, drying, employees cleaning off clothing, sweeping floors, etc. Although these leaks are created purposefully, they can still be taxing on your system, and many users end up misusing or wasting air.

Monitoring the frequency of intentional leaks will help in limiting the amount of wasted air. After all, your business is paying for every bit of air used.

Where the Costs Add Up

The biggest issue surrounding air compressor maintenance is the hidden cost of potential leaks. Most companies assume there is a higher cost associated with regular maintenance than reactionary repairs. However, an air compressor that isn’t regularly maintained will inevitably lead to higher costs over time.

In fact, a compressor air system that isn’t regularly serviced operates on a 20% leak rate on average, and some air compressors may lose up to 30% of their air. System leaks can also lead to higher energy bills. When your compressed air system maintenance falls to the wayside, production can be affected in a big way.

Leak Solutions

compressed air leak detectionPerforming regular maintenance on your system is the best proactive method for handling air compressor leaks. The earlier the detection of a leak, the better.

Make sure the company performing checks on your compressed air system does a comprehensive walk-through. They should be testing hoses, tubes, pressure regulators, and couple fittings to determine if there is leakage. They should also be utilizing sophisticated ultrasonic leak detectors.

An ultrasonic leak detector will pinpoint the location of the leak in your air compressor or lines. Having an ultrasonic leak detector on hand may also prove useful in between scheduled maintenance checks. A tool like the Jorc Locator can detect leaks up to 33 feet away, and also provides audible and visual indications of air leakages, making it easier to find the leak.

Stay Proactive With Compressed Air Systems

At Compressed Air Systems, Inc., we’re here to ensure that your air compressor is in tip-top shape. Our experts are at the forefront of compressed air solutions and are well-versed in all aspects of air compressor and system maintenance and upkeep.

For more info on how proper maintenance can save you headaches, check out our Importance of Minimizing Compressed Air Leaks Guide. Or, you can Contact one of our service team members today for help in determining whether your air compressor is in need of auditing or maintenance services.

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