Avoid Costly Fees and Generate Your Own Nitrogen

When purchasing a nitrogen generator, you have to ask yourself a few questions. Who will I purchase from and why?  What do I need? How much is it? Why should I generate my own Nitrogen vs. purchasing “Bottled or Bulk” Nitrogen from another party? Here at Compressed Air Systems, we make the answers to all of these questions very simple.

Why Generate Nitrogen?

  • Cost Savings
  • Quick Return on Investment 
  • Safety
  • Ease of Supply


There are many advantages with generating your own nitrogen vs purchasing “Bottled or Bulk” nitrogen: generating nitrogen onsite is more cost effective than purchasing bottled nitrogen.

There is no running out of nitrogen due to missed delivery or failure to place an order. There is no man power requirement to receive, handle or transfer nitrogen vessels. There is no accounts payable requirement to handle, verify quantities or approve invoices for nitrogen or associated equipment rentals.

Compressed Air Systems, Inc. has been a leader in compressed air/gas systems for over 50 years. This gives us the knowledge and skill to provide you with the best products possible, including your next nitrogen generator.

We help you find exactly what you need, whether it’s simply a nitrogen generator or custom skid mounted compressor/nitrogen generator combination.

If you currently purchase bottled or bulk nitrogen we will provide you with a ROI calculation using your current Nitrogen costs. Often we can show an ROI in as little as 9-months. We’re able to accomplish this using Nitrogen Generators with varying capacities to tailor a system to your specific demands.


We currently carry a wide variety of nitrogen generators in our inventory, including:

The US Nitrogen Market projects steady growth over the next 5 years at 4.6%.

Your nitrogen generator needs can all be met by contacting us today. You have nothing to lose and a great partner to gain.

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