How To Optimize Your Complete Compressed Air System

A complete air system is not just in the mechanical room where the compressor station is, but it is the complete system including the distribution of piping, hoses, fittings, regulators and other components that are needed for each application.

Maintaining and optimizing your complete system starts in the compressor room with routine maintenance, and includes the modernization of your controls.  A complete system analysis serves to identify energy efficiencies and pressure control, and helps to pinpoint potential areas for savings.

Walkthrough-EngineerIn the distribution network, to prevent and reduce the risk of leaks in compressed air systems, it’s crucial to develop a reliable management plan to ensure your systems are properly cared for. Failure to do so can result in additional expenditures as a result of energy waste, as well as increased downtime due to worn-out, damaged equipment.

To keep leaks and waste to a minimum, it’s important to select a reliable, experienced partner capable of conducting thorough walkthroughs and working with your team to establish a comprehensive leak-prevention and maintenance plan for your facility.

How to Select a Reliable Partner

When selecting a partner to help you maintain a high-performing, long-lasting compressed air system, first establish whether the potential partner offers basic system analysis — the initial, key step in identifying issues and inefficiencies.

Then delve into the company’s past work. Do they have a proven record of expertise working with your type of equipment? How long have they specialized in the air compressor industry? How experienced are their associates, and how were they trained? It’s also important to determine whether your potential partner has knowledge of your specific systems and processes. Do they offer references or client testimonials?  Asking these types of questions will help ensure that you are partnered with the best in the industry.

Finally, check on your potential partner’s emergency-services offerings. Does the company you’re considering working with provide comprehensive, timely emergency response? Will they be able to readily ship and install parts as needed? Find out whether they are insured for the kind of work they provide, and ask specific questions regarding their last-minute, emergency capabilities.

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What Should I Expect During a Walkthrough?

Walkthrough evaluations — overviews of a facility’s compressed air systems — are key to eliminating and preventing leaks, and ensuring all systems are functioning to their highest potential. These on-site meetings help to highlight equipment issues, pinpoint areas that could be improved or upgraded, and identify any misuses of compressed air.

The walkthrough starts at the compressor station.  An overview of the systems controls, estimated kilowatt usage, pressures, and the entire clean air treatment will evaluated for potential inefficiencies.

The next step in the walkthrough, is the air distribution. It will be examined for any compressed air leak issues, properly sized piping including pressure drops, and storage problems. An air consultant will inspect the supply side to ensure that the system is at optimal performance. In addition, the consultant will provide you with a block diagram of the systems at hand; this allows for deeper understanding of how the systems function.

Once the walkthrough is complete, the consultant will provide you with a written report. This document outlines the findings and identifies possible solutions or product recommendations. Walkthroughs most often identify problems such as compressed air leaks, inappropriate use of compressed air, capacity control issues, process inefficiencies, and maintenance complications. In addition, a more comprehensive air demand analysis, including data logging of pressure, flow, kilowatt usage, start/stops, and controls with a complete report can be purchased. Options for fixing air leaks will be suggested.

Solutions from Compressed Air Systems

At Compressed Air Systems, Inc. (CAS), we’re proud to be the industry leader in in-house compressed air system review and maintenance services. Our associates have had years of experience working with all types of systems, and we work closely with our customers to develop comprehensive, customized procedures to identify and eliminate air leaks and system inefficiencies.

To learn more about our experience and offerings, reach out to us today, or sign up for a free walkthrough evaluation of your Florida-based facility.


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