Success at our Latest Compressed Air Seminar

Compressed Air Systems, Inc. has been an industry mainstay for over 50 years, providing customers with high-quality compressor, vacuum, and blower systems, as well as professional in-house and field services. Our company started with just five people, but we currently have over 40 compressed air experts on the team; we attribute much of the company’s growth to our dedication to customer service.


One method we utilize to support our customers is to educate them on air compressors and the benefits they provide to numerous industrial processes—our annual Compressed Air Seminars are the perfect platform to convey this information.

Our latest seminar—hosted in association with Kaeser Compressors, Inc.—took place on Oct. 15 at the Sheraton Hotel, just minutes away from our Tampa, FL. Headquarters and several of our attendees.

The seminar had a great turnout: about 30 of our customers were in attendance, in addition to various industry professionals, the entire Compressed Air Systems sales staff, and our incredible guest speakers Roy Stuhlman and Joe D’Orazio.

Mr. Stuhlman, a 40-year industry veteran and certified compressor systems instructor, and Mr. D’Orazio, the South District Manager for Kaeser Compressors, gave attendees an overview of air compression; they discussed the different types of compressors, means on improving existing systems, and even how to calculate compressor operating costs.

We were quite fortunate having Mr. Stuhlman and Mr. D’Orazio share their knowledge with the group; they also skillfully fielded a plethora of questions coming from end users to engineers alike.

This seminar was also an open forum for any attendee. In fact, a local engineer informed everyone that an audit from his energy company could save others a lot of money—many people in the room were taken aback by the idea of a power company helping others cut their costs.

Also, the seminar inspired an engineer from Cemex to create an air leak cost per day chart, which uses information including the compressor’s horsepower, kilowatt usage per hour (kWh), cubic feet per minute (CFM), and its efficiency to determine your final cost.

Though it was an all-day event, there was plenty of time to enjoy a BBQ lunch with everyone—the food was a big hit!

At the end, attendees left feeling more knowledgeable about compressed air, the 4th utility (the first three being electricity, natural gas, and water of course). We learned how to make our compression systems more energy and cost efficient, and we forged relationships with customers and other industry professionals that are assured to last—all in all, our 2014 Compressed Air Seminar was a huge success!

Contact us today to learn more about this or any future Compressed Air Systems seminars. Also, be sure to visit our Resource Library for compressed air calculators, charts, and conversion formulas.

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