Compressed Air Systems for Breweries and Distilleries

Compressed air systems are an essential part of a variety of applications, including the production of beer, wine, and liquor as compressed air is vital in both the brewing and distilling process.

When searching for compressed air components and selecting a partner, breweries and distilleries will need to take into account not only what works for where they are now but where they want to grow in the future.

At Compressed Air Systems, we understand that our partners want to spend their time crafting the perfect beverages instead of worrying about planning for and servicing their equipment. Below is a list of a few of the components that Compressed Air Systems regularly supplies to our brewing and distilling partners nationwide.

Key Parts and Processes of Compressed Air

Compressed air is used everywhere from pushing fluids through piping and tanks to the aeration of yeast and water in dry, oil-free spaces. Solids including grains, malt and sugar are also moved into and through processes using pneumatic transportation which requires compressed air. Some of the key systems include:

Air Compressors – At the start of each process, air compressors pull air in from the surrounding atmosphere, creating the pressure that is key in nearly every process moving forward. The next part of the process involves pushing liquid from one tank through piping while maintaining ideal conditions along the way.

Air Filters – The air in each process must be dry, oil-free and without contaminants that may otherwise spoil the product, which can result in a rather costly venture for business owners.

Dryers – Dryers serve to ensure that no additional moisture or humidity is added to the process. Excess moisture can throw off crucial pH levels and create issues for the machinery and all processes involved. Dryers also assist malting processes, where any added moisture must be removed.

Water Chillers/Heat Exchangers and Coolers – Cooler systems are used before the fermentation and conditioning processes. These coolers allow for freshly boiled products to quickly cool down and keep the process moving efficiently.

Bottling/Canning Systems – Air compressors are key to finalizing the process by powering the bottling machinery necessary to effectively fill the bottles, cans and kegs to be shipped out to consumers.

Our Work at Compressed Air Systems

Compressed Air Systems has created successful relationships with numerous breweries and distilleries across the nation. We have enjoyed our work in this industry, and in doing so, we’ve built a reputation of unmatched knowledge and experience. Providing advice and recommendations in this arena has become one of the most enjoyable things we’ve had the opportunity to do

We’ve worked closely with groups to create solutions that enable them to expand their capacity and production rates. From filtration to dryers, we provide the cleanest air that will reach the products. We aim to help our partners produce higher quality products in higher quantities, all while reducing energy costs. Feel free to contact us today to learn more about our work with breweries and distilleries.

Check out our feature in Chiller & Cooling Best Practices magazine to learn more about how we helped our friends at Coppertail Brewing Co.!

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